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    The Sun

    As Skyped to Dina

    [9:53:39 AM] DB:

    I had that perfect moment yesterday

    [9:53:57 AM] DB:

    They call it Lima the Gray because the sun doesn’t come out

    [9:54:24 AM] DB:

    it always looks like its going to rain, but it never does.

    [9:54:38 AM] DB:

    It just stands at these points by

    the sea.

    [9:54:58 AM] DB:

    For an hour or so, after lunch,

    the sun made the city glow.

    [9:55:03 AM] DB:

    it didn’t come out all the way

    [9:55:08 AM] DB:

    the sky didn’t turn blue

    [9:55:32 AM] DB:

    but it was bright and warm and people like me slowed their New York walking-with-purpose pace

    [9:56:18 AM] DB:

    I stood by a street corner; there was a long, cement rectangle full of potted plants. A municipal installation of greenery.

    [9:56:22 AM] DB:

    A perfect bench.

    [9:57:21 AM] DB:

    I sort of spun around and picked the best view of the sky above the buildings; above a construction site, a Peruvian red and white flag drooped and waved behind a street sign.

    [9:59:10 AM] DB:

    My body reached a subtle posture just before I was sitting; that overlooked moment where the behind is hovering too low to be standing, and a bit above the bench. I was committed. I looked up.

    [9:59:16 AM] DB:

    A woman.

    [9:59:39 AM] DB:

    She had committed to the same spot, the same bench, the same pool of sunlight.

    [10:00:00 AM] DB:

    Our behinds waved hello to one another, and then our faces

    [10:00:38 AM] DB:

    God I need the sun, she said in Spanish

    [10:01:01 AM] DB:

    Si, yo también, I replied.

    [10:01:44 AM] DB:

    We were sitting too close to act casual. This is the rim of a potted plant.

    [10:03:18 AM] DB:

    Her name is Maryori, like the month of March or May; from Medellin; she’s here for a month to take care of her father and to learn English.

    [10:03:32 AM] DB:

    As her eyes began to take me in, she became self conscious.

    [10:03:49 AM] DB:

    I’m in my pajamas, she said and covered her face

    [10:04:15 AM] DB:

    Here’s my number, she said. Let’s get coffee, and then after that, let’s drink.

    [10:05:19 AM] DB:

    She said something about how interesting it was that we both are here for a month, both to learn each other’s language, and then in this sunny spot, how perfect

    [10:05:45 AM] DB:

    I was nodding; of course I had already realized these things.

    [10:05:48 AM] DB:

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