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We likely haven't met, though you may have heard my voice on the Amateur Traveler podcast (that episode is included above). It sounds like you're interested in exploring the Amazon Rainforest, and that's great news. I know the Amazon can be a bit intimidating - it certainly was for me before I went. This resource guide is designed to cover the topics Chris and I discussed in our interview (and more), with one goal: to help make Amazon travel more accessible.

Let me start with four notes:

  1. I have no financial relationships, stakes or partnerships with any organization listed within this guide, and any recommendation I offer is genuinely my own.
  2. The Amazon is an enormous place, and my qualifications to talk about it are limited. With the exception of about an hour in Tabatinga, I've spent zero time in the Brazilian Amazon. I can only speak to the areas around and between Leticia in Colombia and Iquitos in Peru. Wherever I don’t know an answer, haven’t been to a place or my knowledge comes up short for some reason or another, I’ll point you to someone better qualified than I.
  3. If you’re here because you texted AMAZON to (332) 877-9540, know that I won't spam you. I'm not a creeper, and I hate spammy things. I have new episodes of my immersive travel storytelling podcast (click) out every Tuesday. I'll tell you about those - that'll be it. Really, at the end of the day, I just want travel-minded people to listen to interesting and thoughtful stories about travel during a global pandemic. That’s pretty much my whole goal in life these days. Anything you see from me, just know that’s what I’m going for.
  4. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop a note at the bottom of the page, text the 332 number above or email me at [email protected] I'm very responsive to all three.

Okay, enough setup. The guide is broken into five sections. If you’re ever looking for a specific section, they’ll be listed like this at the bottom of the page you're on:


  1. Introduction (you are here)

  2. General Amazon Guidance

  3. Leticia

  4. From Leticia to Iquitos

  5. Iquitos


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