I'm proud to announce that Baggage Claim has been included in Podcast Review's "5 Podcasts to Listen to in January" list. Podcast Review is a channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books, and the other four includes shows have producers and hosts with things like Wikipedia pages and six-figure follower counts. This is pretty damn cool, and I'm honored and humbled. Podcast Review says of Baggage Claim:

"It might appear brave, even foolish, to launch a travel podcast during a pandemic, but Will Conway, the host of Baggage Claim, proves he’s a bit of both during the retelling of his worldly misadventures. Featuring the “travel stories no one tells,” the podcast is a non-chronological narrative of Conway’s anecdotes, some merely comical, others bringing him close to death. The episodes, which are much like vignettes, are set to music, and they soothe as much as they keep you immersed. With thirty installments in the first season, Baggage Claim is an ambitious reinterpretation of the travel story format."

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Will Conway


Former political software guy. Now a traveler and adventurer, which isn't a job, and host of the @heybaggageclaim podcast, which really isn't either. Travel stories no one tells.