Hey everyone! I'm adding a whole new endeavor to the Baggage Claim universe, and I couldn't be more excited.

I launched the brand new Authentic Travelers community on Facebook recently, and this project was inspired by the wonderful, badass humans who have been engaging in that group. 

Each Sunday, I prompt the community with a question. These prompts range from the inspiring (name one experience on the road that made you a little bit of a better person) to the goofy (what's one thing you wished you packed that burned you?). The following Sunday, I release an animated little video with a compilation of the responses, a theme and a key learning to take away from the community.

You can see a complete archive of each Sunday Stories episode here. If you want to be included, be sure to join Authentic Travelers and respond to the Sunday Stories prompt. Excited to hear from you!

See you out there,


Will Conway


Former political software guy. Now a traveler and adventurer, which isn't a job, and host of the @heybaggageclaim podcast, which really isn't either. Travel stories no one tells.