"Will is a masterful storyteller."

-Podcast Magazine, 4/10/21

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Podcast Reviews:

Podcast Magazine, 4/10/2021, "Under the Radar: Baggage Claim."

"Will is a masterful storyteller, and with the addition of sound effects, the listener is immersed into the experience. There were moments I forgot I was listening to a recollection of past experiences versus real-time reportings. Will’s vivid descriptions make listeners feel like his traveling companion."

Los Angeles Review of Books, 1/13/2021, "5 Podcasts to Listen to in January:"

"It might appear brave, even foolish, to launch a travel podcast during a pandemic, but Will Conway, the host of Baggage Claim, proves he’s a bit of both during the retelling of his worldly misadventures. Featuring the “travel stories no one tells,” the podcast is a non-chronological narrative of Conway’s anecdotes, some merely comical, others bringing him close to death. The episodes, which are much like vignettes, are set to music, and they soothe as much as they keep you immersed. With thirty installments in the first season, Baggage Claim is an ambitious reinterpretation of the travel story format."

Stressed Depressed and Anxious, 2/22/2021, "Will Conway: Baggage Claim."

"Baggage Claim is a hidden gem and an immersive eargasm."

Potato Lady Podcast Reviews, 2/15/2021, "Review: Baggage Claim."

"It draws you in with vivid detail and top-notch production (SFX, music, etc.) that make you feel like you’re really there in Colombia... The episodes are bite-sized for easy consumption, and the writing is phenomenal. There is a reverence and respect for travel and a humility in the face of the big, wide world that makes you empathize with Will and want to see more of his journey."

Hurt Your Brain Newsletter, 12/21/2020, "14 Podfacts and Some Holiday Magic:"

"A new travel show of sorts with a very intriguing opening episode. This episode is a first-hand account about a kayak trip gone wrong (very wrong), with just the right touch of production and poetic construction. As traveling continues to be a distant reality (and NY winter blues), I'm finally here for the travel podcasts."

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