In our very first installment of Sunday Stories, we tackle the big one: how can travel make you a better person?

The incredible people of the Authentic Travelers community responded, and the theme is clear. Every single person told a story of another person being selfless and kind when they didn't have to be. What does this mean? 

Selflessness is unforgettable.

When people are selfless to you, it makes you better. When you're selfless to others, it makes the world better.

This episode features stories from Jim Szymanski, Pamdiana Jones, Jacqui Alana, Rob Thomson, Dawn Ewing Dean and Fanny Laliberte.

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Will Conway


Former political software guy. Now a traveler and adventurer, which isn't a job, and host of the @heybaggageclaim podcast, which really isn't either. Travel stories no one tells.