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Firstly, thank you so much for being on this page. The fact that you're even here means the world. Also, you're on the ongoing membership page. To make a one-time contribution, click here.

I'll outline what members get in bullets below, but before I do, I want to make a really important and counterproductive point. Membership doesn't get you that much. It gets you stuff, of course. But this particular conversation really shouldn't be transactional. People who give five bucks a month get the same benefits as those who give a thousand. By becoming a member, what you're doing is contributing to the continuation of the podcast. As it stands, this podcast will end after one season (thirty episodes). It's a full-time professional commitment, and without a membership, it's gonna have to be one-and-done. If you like it and want to see it continue (and you have a few bucks to spare), membership is for you. That said, the benefits are as follows...

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  • After completing this page, you'll be taken to the mysterious member section on our website.
  • Early access to each episode (every Sunday on YouTube).
  • I have a weekly recap video for each episode, in which I talk in detail about each episode, give bonus insight and more.
  • You'll definitely get a personal phone call from me saying thank you repetitively.
  • You'll get access to additional blog posts.
  • Whenever we have merch, you'll get discounts.
  • Adding new benefits all the time (example: once there are enough of you, I'll create some community tools like forums and Facebook groups, and probably some live Q&As with me).

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