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Show transcript

[Sounds of an airplane “fasten seatbelt” noise, murmurs of passengers. Revving engine of an airplane as it begins to accelerate down the runway]

Normally, I actually wear suits when I fly. I generally have a meeting when I land. Today? Well, there's no meeting. In fact, no one in the country I'm flying to even has an idea I'm coming. All I've got is this Patagonia cap on my head, a pair of jeans, and a one-way plane ticket to Colombia.

Anway, I keep telling myself I know why I’m on this flight. But truth be told, I have no fucking clue.

[Airplane noises intensify; abruptly cut into the Baggage Claim theme music]

That was eighteen months ago. And this? Well this is Baggage Claim: travel stories no one tells. I’m Will Conway. The adventure starts next Tuesday, December 15th. New episodes every Tuesday for 28 Tuesdays. Text POD to (332) 877-9540 for new shows and updates. See you Tuesday.

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